Protcol brickz | Benefits to manufacturers
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Benefits to manufacturers

No need to create/update mobile apps

Developing software apps is expensive especially when you have to code for multiple platforms from IOS , android and windows.  Adding brickz compatibility to your devices means you can concentrate on the hardware and leave the software to us.

Tap straight into a 7.1 Trillion dollar business by 2020

Yes that’s right trillion. That figure was was published by a paper written by the International Data Corporation. Its too big of a number for a regular device manufacture to ignore. By adding our modules to your regular non connected devices its put you straight in this lurative market place. 

Future proof your hardware

The fast pace of change in technology proves nothing is ever future proof but using our  swap-able brickz modules as technology changes minimizes your risk. As technology changes we will build new brickz modules that are backwards compatible with your product.

No need to include any radio/networking hardware in your devices

The brickz modules contain all the expensive radio hardware required to talk to the rest of the devices on the network so you don’t have to include them.

Leave security up to us.

User are going to demand high end security to protect their data and family’s thats why we are teaming up with Fido authentication to bring security keys stored on their mobile devices and protected by bio metric authentication.