Protcol brickz | FAQ’s
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How big are the protocol brickz?

Tiny! They are about the same size as a regular USB stick, they measure 40mm in length x 27mm wide x 8mm thick. They have been designed to be as small as possible with the present days available components. We do expect to reduce the size even more and still remain backwards compatible when technologies evidently miniaturises.


There is only a few requirements to be able to send your devices sensors and data to the prickz network.  1 your micro controller needs to have a UART communications and run on 3.3Volt

What language do brickz use?

They use a version of the simple to use and robust serial language.

how much will they cost?

Each protocol brickz will be competitively priced at our cost price. ie. no profit is made on the sale of the modules. The Wifi+ procol brickz is $24USD

Where can i buy them?

Currently directly from this site is best place to buy them until manufacturer start releasing their compatible products.

Arduino support

Yes we do we support Arduino using the serial uart ports along with a large range of common MCU controllers to pass sensor info and control strings to the brickz network of devices.

wifi prickz with usb stick
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