Protcol brickz | The flavours
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The flavours


The WIFI+ Protocol Brickz is best choice for users with limited home automation knowledge. Its a custom made mesh type WIFI network that doesn’t require a gateway of any type to function.  All devices with a WIFI brickz installed are controlled through a single app.


The Z-wave Protocol Brickz allows devices to be added to an existing Z-wave gateway/network.  This option is good for users with a good knowledge of home automation and will integrate seamlessly with their current z-wave gateway.  This also means many existing apps can control a Z-wave flavoured brickz device.


The 3G/4G GSM brickz will allow devices to be connected remotely back to your home automation system via a GSM network so now you can control not only devices in your home but extend your reach to the car, boat or any remote location.