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The brickz app

A single app that controls everything!

We are big on simplicity, ease of use and flexibility. If using the wifi+ flavored brickz then everything is controlled simply through a single app that will grow with your internet of things (IoT) network.  The app will be instantly easy and familiar to use and can be as complex or simple as you choose and will evolve along with new devices and products.

The Android app is currently in beta and the IOS version will be done by Q2 2015.

Some of the features of the app will include:


  • Secured with FIDO authentication that can use your devices biometric sensors to ensure network security
  • Control all brickz enabled devices with on/off toggles, dim functions, read sensor data etc
  • Custom control screens add devices how you want them
  • Auto changing control screens depending on which room of the house you are in
  • Power consumption monitoring of all devices
  • Full scheduling of any device
  • User management roles, for every family member’s device
  • Holiday modes to turn on off lights randomly
  • Trigger settings from any device on the network. Ie. when phone is removed from usb charger start the coffee machine and open blinds
  • IFTTT channel support
  • Tasker support (Android only)
  • Quick access to room control from lock screen and notifications panel  (Android only currently)
  • Car link via OBDii adapter lets you know how much fuel you have left in cars at any time
  • Family tracking outside the home with privacy mode